Saturday, December 18, 2010

10 Attitude That Girls Shold Aware

sometimes we didnt aware what we do...but people around didnt like it!so what to do is;BE AWARE..hehe cam hantu pla..


This doesn’t mean that you didn’t concern about others at all, but it refers to your attitude which sometimes ignoring yet forgetting something that quite important. For example, your boyfriend reminds you not to do something, but after a while you tend to completely unaware about it. Doesn’t it out of your concern? Ask yourself. Research in Asia shows that 87% of men hate it.


This is one of the bad terms ever. Everything you want to take control. It’s mainly refers to the term of your relationship with your men. You just keep giving order to do this and that, while you just seat back and watch. Remember, they are not toys. They have feelings too. Yet they have their own life to cope with. Even he asks you to decide, it doesn’t mean you can control him. They just give you chances to make decision as their appreciation towards you. Marriage successful rate is approximately 2% only.


This is quite dangerous. A small misunderstanding can even bring down a country. The problem is, most of the girls always take something to lightly and then wrongly interpret the info. What make it seems too bad? You do not listen to the whole things or read the full notes of it, but you already conclude the whole things. Too bad. If you did not listen or understand the whole messages, you could not clearly get the idea what was it actually, right? Can you just seat back, get clearly and listen or read thoroughly to get the main idea. It just the same as you read for the exam or listen to the lecture. But why can’t you do the same in your real life?

This type of girls are nearly the same with itchy. Want to know why? Basically you want him to concern fully about you, but when you keep asking him to do a favor, what would he feel? Maybe he would get uneasy with that too, sometimes. It wasn’t that you can’t do it on your own. It wasn’t a mistake, but if you keep repeating doing that, even for small things, it’s not impossible he would leave you.


This is exactly the same with above. LAZY – love always zipzap you. Meant that you hardly could get stick with the one you love if you are lazy. Why can’t you throw the words out of your life? I don’t think it’s a hard thing to move a few step to do somethings on your own instead of asking your men to do it for you. What do you think?


Too bad. Someone who can’t stop her finger pushing the GBA or PSP in any situation. Is it okay with you? While spending time with your friends or you men, while hang out and most of the time you only concentrate with your games yet neglecting others. Games, games, and games. Where’s your time with your friends, with your men and with your family? Actually there’s no different between boy’s gamerz and girls but when it is done by the girls, it considered as weirdo. It looks awful. And even in America , this type of girls refers as freak.


Another bad terms especially for a girl. Temper is a habit which can be change. It is not impossible. It means you easily get angry over something. For example, you were driving and suddenly you get angry with the car in front of you. Your smiles turn upside down. Yet you lose your mood already. Have you ever consider what would the person next to you feel? let say put yourself in that situation, how do you feel when your men get angry while driving? Think it. It’s all depends on you. Think it wisely for yourself. Don’t be stupid. Don’t let others can’t stand with your attitude. Marriage successful rate only 8.3%.


Not every man is wealthy and rich. No one can give you everything unless he is extremely rich. Sometimes you keep nagging something he can’t afford to give you. You want to have this and that, want to have great meals at luxurious places. Is it worth making him suffer? Some men are slightly more sensitive than girls. So? Think it thoroughly with what you are nagging and demand for.


Think between your friends and your boyfriends. What make they differ in your life? It is obviously clear right? But sometimes you wrongly make things out. Did you? This usually what most girls wrongly did. Sometimes you prefer to entertain your friends’ more you’re your men. Don’t blame men if they get jealous. It’s your fault too. Girls, you should take closer look on this, for your own good.


This might make your boys feels a bit down and depress. Especially when you forgot his important things. For example, you tend to forget the present he gave you, his birthdate, special date, important things he ever told you and so on. It seems that you didn’t really appreciate him and it makes him feel bad. So you ought to do something about it.

notes: accept him what he he accept u what you happy..:)