Friday, June 24, 2011

10 Most Important Things In Life

The Special Feeling that makes you feel all Warm and Wonderful

Treating others as well as you'd like to be treated

To be Grateful for all the Things Life has to offer


The Full Enjoyment of each moment with a Smiling Face


The Ability to let Things be without Anger


The Joy of giving without Thought of Receiving


The Quality of always telling the Truth no matter what


The purity of doing what's Right at all times.


The Essence of Feeling another's Pain, while Easing their Hurt

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12 sifat sahabat yg perlu anda tahu

1. Jika engkau berbuat bakti kepadanya, ia akan melindungimu.

2. Jika engkau rapatkan persahabatan dengannya, dia akan membalas baik persahabatanmu itu.

3. Jika engkau perlukan pertolongan daripadanya berupa wang dan sebagainya ia akan membantumu.

4. Jika engkau menghulurkan sesuatu kebaikan kepadanya, ia akan menerima dengan baik.

5. Jika ia mendapat sesuatu kabajikan (bantuan) daripadamu, ia akan menghargai atau menyebut kebaikanmu.

6. Jika ia melihat sesuatu yang tidak baik daripadamu, ia akan menutupnya.

7. Jika engkau meminta sesuatu bantuan daripadanya, ia akan mengusahakannya.

8. Jika engkau berdiam diri (kerana malu hendak meminta), ia akan menanyakan kesusahanmu.

9. Jika datang sesuatu bencana menimpa dirimu, ia akan meringankan kesusahanmu(membuat sesuatu untuk menghilangkan kesusahan itu).

10. Jika engkau berkata kepadanya, nescaya ia akan membenarkanmu.

11. Jika engkau merancangkan sesuatu, nescaya ia akan membantumu.

12. Jika kamu berdua berselisih faham, nescaya ia lebih senang mengalah untuk menjaga kepentingan persahabatan. 

notes: jadilah sahabat yang baik di dunia dan akhirat :)
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

7 dont's after meal

1.Don't smoke

 Experiment from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes (chances of cancer is higher).
2.Don't eat fruits immediately

 Immediately eating fruits after meals will cause stomach to be bloated with air. Therefore take fruit 1-2 hr after meal or 1hr before meal.
 3.Don't drink tea

Because tea leaves contain a high content of acid. This substance will cause the Protein content in the food we consume to be hardened thus difficult to digest.

4.Don't loosen your belt 

 Loosening the belt after a meal will easily cause the intestine to be twisted & blocked.
5.Don't bathe  
Bathing will cause the increase of blood flow to the hands, legs & body thus the amount of blood around the stomach will therefore decrease. This will weaken the digestive system in our stomach.

6.Don't walk about 

 People always say that after a meal walk a hundred steps and you will live till 99. In actual fact this is not true. Walking will cause the digestive system to be unable to absorb the nutrition from the food we intake.

7.Don't sleep immediately 

 The food we intake will not be able to digest properly. Thus will lead to gastric & infection in our intestine. 

notes: don't forget to begin with Bismillah and Alhamdullilah in the end of meal..hehehe
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