Thursday, March 12, 2009

which group do you belong to??

another article i copied from somewhere..hihi

To my friends. Below, is an Italian horoscope and you can find a lot about youself just by searching your own identity in the Italian way.

What you have to do is to find your group with the help of your date of birth.

Date of Birth Group

01,06,11,16,21,26,31 - A1
02,07,12,17,22,27 - B2
03,08,13,18,23,28 - C3
04,09,14,19,24,29 - D4
05,10,15,20,25,30 - E5

grOuP A1++

>You consider love as the most beautiful thing and you love to fall in love , but
>a number of your group members think that the person they love is not sincere with them.
>You love to be with your friends and you are found to be a dutiful friend.
>You can hardly control your patients, which is a very big drawback of your nature.
>The Person who is ruling your mind & heart these days is perfect for you.

gRoUp b2

>Your dreams and ambitions are much important for you and you can do everything to fulfill your dreams. Love is much valuable in your life but you always search for someone perfect.
>You hardly trust someone.

>Your friends are really important for you but normally you hide a lot from them. You are a deep thinker
>you always study the negative view as well as positive.

gROuP C3^^^

>You always prefer mantel decisions more then emotional ones due to this you don't have a limited number of friends.
>You consider life a very beautiful gift and you love to enjoy its colors.
>There are a number of
peoples who are your ideals and you loved to spend a big part of your time with them. >You are found to be a very sincere lover. You have a perfect control on your emotions but sometimes your decisions really effect your beloved(s).
>The person who has just appeared in your mind and you has decided to forward this mail especially to him/her is your real and special friend.

gR()uP d4~~

>Your always have goals to achieve and you can do everything to fulfill the dreams of those who loves you.
>You have a sketch of an ideal in your mind and you always search for that personality. Your friends means a lot

to you and you can do everything for the sake of your friend, you a normally found to be an emotional personality.
>You have a very less control on your patience and due to this sometimes you over react.

GrOuP e5###

>You are found to be a person who loves to love.
>You prefer emotional decision more than mental decisions. You consider life just to enjoy; you are the one who is perfect to call FLURTIES.
>You love to increase the list of your friends and beloved(s).

>You have a number of dreams but you never work hard to make your dreams come true which is the biggest drawback in your nature you take everything much lightly.

Within 7 days you will realise a person
you have known that he/she may be the
person for you!!